Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May 13, 2009 - Couch Memorial Cemetery, Marshfield, Massachusetts

I realized today that I don't mind so much when my heels get wet. It's when the front half of my foot gets soaked and I spend the rest of the day squishing in my shoes that I get miserable. That's the problem with being a Pisces. Our feet rule our emotions. If they feel bad, I'm cranky. When I came to a puddle on the path today, I raised my toes and heel-walked through it. Mission accomplished.

I didn't walk in the cemetery today, I walked behind it. There's a path that leads down to the North River and a pine forest that makes me think, "Man, if I was an owl, this is the kind of place I'd want to live." And apparently they do, judging by the consistently refreshed whitewash on the trees.

The river drifts by lazily here, heading eastward into a turn, pooling up in a corner and then performing one of the waterway's famous silent twists. Portions of the river have been known as the "No Gains" for centuries, because one seems to be in perpetual stasis in downriver progress, yet expending constant energy. But I was on foot, so no worries.

I turned a corner after a serious near-brush experience with some healthy looking poison ivy, and a first-of-the-year encounter with a singing marsh wren, and found something I've been looking for over the past four days, a pair of Pink Lady's Slippers. The wildflower hasn't turned up in the spots I usually check for it, but there it was today. I seek it when I hear my first Baltimore oriole sing, but they were early this year.

Oh well, we're altogether now, so life is good.

Time: 59 minutes.
New species: (Birds) marsh wren (214); (Wildflowers in Bloom) pink lady's slipper, starflower (25).
Stranger hellos: None.
What else is going on: Six hours at work; spent the rest of the day working on the Captains Guide.

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