Tuesday, February 15, 2011

55. Gloucester: Eastern Point Wildlife Sanctuary

We ended our North Shore escape in Gloucester, scanning the waters from the Elks Club on Atlantic Avenue, examining the harbor from the Jodrey Fish Pier, and watching the fishermen return to the harbor from Eastern Point.

Eastern Point is a Mass Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary, a next-door neighbor to the Coast Guard's property at Eastern Point Lighthouse. It's a place where, two weeks ago, a common murre took a brief rest along the breakwater. I happened to see it while participating in a fundraiser for the local Mass Audubon sanctuary. Of course, I couldn't help myself. Although the bird had been there two weeks in the past, I immediately rushed to the spot to see if it was there. It's a malady all birders suffer from eventually. It's called historical birding.

By the early afternoon, David and I had lost our hats and gloves. The promised warmth had arrived. It made for a lot of slush on the road, but who cares? Our winter thaw, usually a late January event, had begun. Temperatures were supposed to dip back down overnight, but then rise again for Thursday and Friday. What's one more cold night at this point?

I snapped a picture of the lighthouse complex and we headed for Woodworkers Warehouse in Woburn. Onto the next project!

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