Sunday, March 11, 2012

320. Granby: Dufresne Recreational Park

I awoke the next morning (Tuesday, November 29) feeling both tired and refreshed. My legs hurt, but like the cowboy in the old Far Side cartoon said, it was a good kinda hurt.

Under yet another overcast sky I popped into Granby's Dufresne Park to find that it had become, in the wake of all the year's storms, the town brush pile. The wood was separated into think limbs, small logs and wood that could be split. A man driving a tractor was pushing against the tide, doing his best to tighten up the piles.

Beyond that scene played out a woodsy one-act play. Squirrels cached nuts in the overpowering scent of pine, moss-covered rocks and false turkey tail mushrooms stared blandly up at me as blue jays screeched their famous call. I walked through it all on a nicely laid out trail. I even found some snow.

Yup, a good kinda hurt.

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