Monday, March 19, 2012

340. Deerfield: Mt. Sugarloaf State Reservation

Crossing the Connecticut River, I began the long steep ascent up Mt. Sugarloaf. The sun had retreated and fog closed in. I think the wildlife was confused as to what to do. I heard seven species of songbirds, but never saw a single one.

I know now that I didn't fully understand the climb. I saw a trail through the woods that looked too vertical for my tastes - I still had 5 towns to go for the day - and decided to take the "easy"
route up the road, trying to avoid the wet patches of slippery leaves that could easily turn the mountain into a waterslide for me.

Um, yeah...

I actually had to pause a few times. Wearing my winter coat, I was overheating, but didn't want to lose that extra layer and expose my now sweaty self to the cool-but-not-cold air. Decisions, decisions.

But I reached the top, only to find that the tower, at 652 feet, was completely socked in. If there was a view, I was not to have it. Frustrated, I leaned back into the hill and John Cleese silly-walked my way back down.

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