Wednesday, January 16, 2013

1238. Irene and Joseph Bonfiglio

Well, I guess I read these in the wrong order. I should have gone all alphabetical on the place: Bonfiglio, then Chimenti. The Chimentis lived a ridiculously long life together; the Bonfiglios have the answer as to how.

They put their advice - apparently before they passed on - right on their marker: "Persistence, determination and the power of prayer are the ingredients of a happy, healthy and peaceful life." According to the stone, they're still enjoying that happy, healthy and peaceful life together.

And they look happy. I know because they have a color photograph from their 50th wedding anniversary on the stone, which, if I'm doing my math correctly, was not that long ago. She was born in 1935, he in 1929, both in early March (two Pisces in love!), meaning if she was 20 when they married, that would have been 1955; the 50th anniversary probably took place in the last seven years.

I've got the first two down. Persistence and determination? You know, that whole walking for a half an hour a day thing, or walking in 351 towns and cities in 365 days. Power of prayer? Never been religious. I may be sacrificing something here, but I'm willing to stay on the road I'm on for a little while longer. Feelin' pretty good right now.

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