Saturday, January 19, 2013

1414. Jean Savage Abbott

I'm torn on the notion of using someone else's words on my headstone. I'd like to be original, I think, but I will admit that I do have one favorite quote that has summed up my life pretty well. It comes from Jim Croce, one of my favorite musicians of all time: "You never find enough time to do the things you want to do once you find them." Sooooo true...

I wish that I could find the quote on Ms. Abbott's gravemarker, but it is eluding me. I've found one part of it, "those who have understood me," in Tolstoy's A Confession in 1882, but I can't seem to find the rest of it as she has it attributed to him: "My spirit lives on in those who have undertsood me."

Nonetheless, it struck me as a beautiful sentiment. I think many of us walk through life feeling misunderstood, and there's a balance that needs to be struck for comfort. Very few people can go through life without acceptance; perhaps it's a key to unbridled success, not caring abot what other people think.

Crap! Now it's got me thinking about who understands me and whether or not I care. I'm going to move onto the next stone before I get so introspective and philosophical that I hurt my brain. I need it for a few more years.

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