Monday, January 21, 2013

1576. Donald and Ruth Harrington

They're doing it to me again.

I don't know why I'm so generally emotional. There might be something deep inside my head, heart and soul, something a psychiatrist might drag out of me, some insecurity dating back to my parents' divorce, who knows. Or it may be just who I am. But there are times I get that tear in my eye and that lump in my throat. I defend my right to it when I think about my kids. It happens from time to time when I'm away from them. I'll be in the middle of an important task at work and a thought will run through my head. I just see those little smiles in my mind, and I lose it, if just so slightly.

But as for Donald and Ruth, I never knew them (and the latter, happily, is apparently still with us). But they've got that lump started. One word said it all: "Always."

And that's how you can locate true marital happiness. beautiful.

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