Thursday, January 24, 2013

1851. Herb Jason

So, sometimes, one has to look beyond the words to the pictures, and then one has to know what the pictures mean. I can go one better. I knew Herb Jason, and I knew his connection to the image.

Oh, it's not like Herb could have picked me out of a line-up (not that I've ever been in one. I swear). But we crossed paths many times in the lighthouse history world. That's right, you read that correctly, the lighthouse history world. But Herb was more of a lighthouse man than I ever will be. He took huge strides to preserve the history of Minot's Light by restoring the lantern room of the new one and creating a memorial to the old one, the one pictured on his tombstone, at what's known as Government Island in his hometown of Cohasset.

And, as Frank Barone always said on Everybody Loves Raymond, "Holy crap!" I just realized that in all my wanderings to date, all my gravestone counting, I hit Herb Jason, Mr. Minot's Lighthouse, at #1851. That was the year that the lighthouse represented on his stone fell into the sea.


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