Monday, January 7, 2013

396. Margaret C. Hiltz

I think that I'm coming to the realization that I want something humorous, or at least warm, on my headstone. And I don't mean warm and fuzzy, something hokey. I want it to be something particularly me, if you know what I mean.

That's what I got from looking at Margaret's markers. She's memorialized more than once, as many people here are, with a family plot stone, and an individual stone flush mounted with the ground. The family stone gives just the name and dates - more on that in a second - and her flat marker carries the dates, but not her name. Instead, it says "Our Dear Mother." Underneath the dates it says, "Don't forget that I love ya."

How sweet is that? What a beautiful sentiment to carry into the afterlife. My guess is that it was her own saying, probably something she said to her kids at the end of every phone call, with every wet, sloppy grandma kiss, something that at times they shrugged off. But is there anything more steady and unwavering than a mother's love? I'll bet she meant it everu time she said it.

But poor Margaret. She, too, has a typo. He flat marker lists her as 1901 to 1996. On the family stone the second 1 in 1901 is scored over with a 2. Which one is correct? The world may never know.

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