Friday, January 11, 2013

754 and 755. Frances Glover Knight and Karen Knight

The Knight family left me with mixed emotions, and after just a week and a half on this project, I cant tell you ow many times my heart has been in my throat. Let's start with Frances.

Frances was married to William Knight. I don't know if this is the little Willie Knight of the early nineteenth century Hull Beacon newspapers (I've read 1896-1913, just a little hobby of mine), but the Knight name was a pretty prominent one at the time. It may have been him.

Of course, those three little words - "Buried at Sea" - ae enough to tug at those heartstrings. Having grown up on a peninsula, just one connected cardinal point away from being an island, I've always loved the sea. Oddly, though, in all my years, I've only known of one local person who was buried at sea, and that's because I was there when it happened. Obviously Frances had her favorite views, from sea or from land, and ended up spending eternity with the waters she loved.

Karen was a sadder story. She died way too young. And I don't think there's anybody on the planet who would fight me on the notion that 36 is too young to die. But she left her impressions on those she loved, for she parted with the beautifully descriptive words "Like a diamond in the sky."

So has your heart joined mine yet?

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