Saturday, January 12, 2013

802. Vivian Vinal Silvia

Vivian wins for two reasons. First, she wins for most "V's." Second, she wins for succinctness.

It's hard - very hard - to get a point across in just a few words. I think we're seeing a revolution in succinctness with Twitter, or, at least, the people who are good at expressing their thoughts in a few words have finally been given a good forum.

But two words? Summing up a life in two words? I don't think I'm up to the challenge just yet. I did my dad in three. But the Cohasset Silvias - any relation to Champion Auto Racer Joe? - did something amazing with their choice of words. I got a picture of a personality in my mind when I read the words: "Someting Special."

Well done, Silvias. And well done, Cohasset. I'll be back.

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