Thursday, March 7, 2013

6636. Herbert Cole, Jr.

I got really excited when I found Mr. Cole, but I don't think it was him I was excited about. As far as I can tell, through the moss on his tombstone, it's him, his wife and a third person (an offspring?) listed. But I can't make out much more than "Rochelle" in the surname of the third. Whoever that person was, though, was a "Telephone Pioneer."

Yes! I thought. An inventor! But it turned out I was wrong. So wrong.

The Telephone Pioneers of America formed in 1911 with none other than Alexander Graham Bell holding membership card number 1. And while the members all worked in the communications industry, the work of the Pioneers, as they're known today, was and is charity. Mostly they work with kids, but they exist solely to make lives for other people better.

Well, I guess I can't fault them for that. Besides, I have thousands of stones to go. I'll find a dead inventor someday.

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