Friday, March 22, 2013

8949. Bruce Abraham

Back in Hanover.

At nearly 9,000 stones in, I'm seeing a lot of repeats. I'm finding fewer new stone styles, fewer new sayings. I've feared a rather quick activation of the law of diminishing returns; every good saying could be the last one I get for a while.

Our friend Bruce didn't surprise me architecturally. The stone's construction was in the shape of a book standing on end. But the words got me. They got me because they described me perfectly.

"He fed his spirit with the bread of books."

Yikes. I saw myself in the stone. I mean, it even had a Red Sox log carved into it, something I'm seeing more of every day.

But Bruce got to the saying first. I won't be using it, but I will always be saddened that I never met him. He sounds like my kind of guy, someone I could have talked to for days on end, about Shakespeare or shortstops, fiction or fly balls. My kind of guy, I tell ya.

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