Sunday, March 24, 2013

9281 and 9282. Walter Muir Whitehill and Florence Marion Williams

OMG! I found Walter Muir Whitehill! Whitehill was a historian and medievalist, a professor at Harvard and director of the Boston Athenaeum. He also wrote a book called Boston, A Topographical History, one of my all-time local favorites (yes, I'm a historian groupee on tp of being a historian). But wait...something doesn't make sense.

Whitehill wrote the book in the 1940s, but it says here that he died in 1933...Ohhhhh, I get it. His dad had the same name. This is the dad.


At least he had an interesting tombstone. And his wife (Walter, Jr.'s mom) is buried right alongside, with an old-fashioned style stone. She even has a little Latin on hers: Post tenebras spero lucem. "After darkness, I hope for light."

Don't we all.

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