Wednesday, April 3, 2013

10147. David Randall Hinkle and Muriel Ruth Nelson Hinkle

A glance at the front of the stone is deceiving; it's like any of the other 10,000 I've read so far. But it's the verso side that's compelling.

David and Muriel are remembered collectively with the quote, "There can be no sorrow at the end of such a journey." To illustrate that thought, their lives are told in longform.

David was "Happily married to Muriel Ruth Nelson for 55 years. West Texas farm boy, Naval Academy graduate, submarine commanding officer, lawyer, entrepreneur, founder of Sonalysts, Inc., happy, handsome, hardworking, loved, respected and sorely missed."

Muriel "Loved life, husband & 3 daughters. Award winning equestrienne, business woman, founder of Sonalysts, Inc., artist, race horse breeder, wildlife protector, beautiful intelligent, benevolent, admired, cherished and deeply missed."

Screw brevity. Give me the full story. I now have a vision of the Hinkles and the beautiful lives they led together. After reading this stone, I'm starting a fund for the long version of my life's tale to be told in stone, even if it means my kids can't go to college.

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