Monday, April 29, 2013

17270. Francesco and Nunziata Galluzzo

When I first contemplated taking on this project, I envisioned asking my relatives for help. Not the living ones. I wanted the dead to talk to me. I wanted to see if there were any clues to my own future epitaph in the words used on those of my ancestors.

So I figured that at some point I would be running into some familiar names at St. Paul's Cemetery in Hingham. As far as ancestors go, only three generations prior to me ever set foot in the United States. After that, I suppose I'll have to go back to Italy, to Messina and Calabria, to complete my research.

Oh no. Not that. Don't make me go.

So with that notion in mind, I started my search, and very quickly found the first victim. Or at least I thought I did. Who the hell were Frank and Nunziata Galluzzo?

Now I know we don't own the copyright to the surname, but Galluzzos are few and far between (I mean, besides my cousin and uncle, the next John Galluzzo I know is my Buffalo counterpart). Could there have been a completely separate, unrelated Galluzzo family right here in Hingham? It's possible. When reaching the United States for the first time ethnic groups stuck together, and that goes all the way down to dialect and regional origin. For all I know Galluzzos were like Smiths over in Reggio a century ago.

Oh well. I guess there had to be one.

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