Wednesday, May 1, 2013

17628. Dominic J. Galluzzo

Finally! A dead Galluzzo I know.

Dominic J. was my grandfather, my dad's dad. He did some great things, some things poorly. The family - the seven kids of grampy and Nona - have had their splits and make-ups, their ups and downs. My dad was right in the middle of it. My grandfather's personality made homelife uncomfortable from time to time. I'll leave it at that.

But I am proud of my grandfather for a few things. He carried his shipyard worker ID card from World War II in his wallet for his entire life. He was 31 when the war broke out and took a job on the homefront in Quincy. He helped found the Hingham Bathing Beach and the Hingham Skating Club. The early home movies of my uncles and aunts skating there are just priceless. And he carried Galluzzo Landscape Services into the 1980s. He was a legend around town. He passed his skills and talents down to my father, thence onto my brother and I. I still won't finish work on a landscape project around my yard until it looks perfect - Dominic Galluzzo perfect.

He and my dad had a falling out, and that led to a long period in which I didn't see my grandfather. It had been about 15 years by the time I finally saw him on his deathbed, me at 25, him in his mid-80s.

So I missed some important years. I don't know if my grandfather would have told me about his parents - he could be pretty gruff with me for reasons I never fully understood. Considering he's listed on the back of the stone of Vittoria Dominella and Gisuseppe Galluzzo (and that he had his own Vicky and Joe, my aunt and uncle), I'm assuming that was them. All I can really do is wonder what they were like.

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