Friday, May 3, 2013

17638. Salvatore Macauta

I've always been told that there's a sort of logjam in my family tree, a clustering of Galluzzos, Bravos, Collettes and more. I know that one of the branches reaches out to the Macauta family.

Is this one of the twigs I should be grasping at? Salvatore, "Nato a Perzolo, Messina." I've always been told that my grandmother's family came from Messina, the first town across the Straits of Messina on Sicily. I actually passed through it by train while an exchange student in 1985. Is this my great-grandfather and his family? Since he "Morto a Hingham" in 1936, I never had the chance to meet him. Perhaps I can find an obituary?

Boy, would I like to know who I am.


  1. I found my grandfather's obituary, as well articles he wrote for the Herald in 1928 at the BPL. It was a quest for me after my dad died and yes, it made me feel like I knew myself better.

  2. My concern is I'll have to learn more Italian to do so - but that might be a project for the future anyway :)