Saturday, May 4, 2013

17651. Lawrence and Rose Schmitt

There's a saying that historians use. Thanks to the hard work of the practicers of our trade who came before us, we're "standing on the shoulders of giants." They built the base of the tower of collected knowledge, we're adding the upper floors. I like to think that someday future generations will see me as part of that continuum.

But think about it. We all start from nothing. Our moms and dads and other caregivers help us to do, well, everything, from our earliest days. From the moment we're born they're educators, teaching us everything from brushing our teeth to household finances. Needless to say, strong, dedicated parents are important to our development.

So it's a beautiful thing when a family remembers its parents in the way that the Schmitts did, with the words "We are everything we are because of you."

The Schmitts had their own personal giants.

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