Sunday, May 5, 2013

17730. Joseph C. Cantara

Whenever I see another Italian family name in Hingham, I wonder if my family knew them.

As I looked down at Joe Cantara's gravemarker, I was taken by the words written thereon: "Love is the fragrance of life." What a beautiful notion.

I found the sentence in a poem in the book The Despoilers by Edmund Mitchell in 1904:

"Love is the sunshine of life,
Gilding the way we are wending,
Bringing to maiden or wife
Brightness and joy never ending,
Drying the tear in the eye,
Stilling the thought of resentment,
Changing the sob to a sigh
Of blissful and perfect contentment.

"Love is the music of life,
Filling the groves with sweet singing,
Setting for maiden or wife,
Silver toned joy bells a ringing,
Attuning the hum of the bees,
The bleating of flocks on the mountains,
The rustle of wind through the trees,
The splashing of water in fountains.

"Love is the fragrance of life,
Wafted from lilacs and roses,
Breathing for maiden or wife,
Delicate perfume of posies,
Scenting the breezes that sweep,
With pleasant aroma of spices,
Lulling the senses to sleep,
When languorous slumber entices."

Are Italians romantics or what?

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