Monday, May 6, 2013

17784. Roland Indrisano

It's amazing the way our lives evolve. At one point in time, certain things are very important to us. We move in specific circles (in this case, I mean that literally) and think those cycles will never break. Then, we look in our rearview mirrors and wonder where the people who were following us went, and how we ended up where we are.

I "knew" Roland Indrisano. He has nothing of interest on his stone for this study, but seeing his name brought back a flood of memories that I want to wade through.

When I started landscaping with my dad, he already had a pretty healthy list of clients. We visited them every week in spring, summer and fall, same time, same day, with the same bat lawnmowers, walking in the same patterns on the lawns, in the gardens, on the driveways. Mr. Indrisano was stop two on an eight-lawn day, right across the street from Mrs. Kennedy. His lawn wasn't my favorite to cut, as it could be rocky at times, but it was really a quickie so I never minded getting it done.

Now, I say I "knew" him in quotations only because I was just the grunt, the guy lugging the weedwacker, and never had "official" communications with him. But once in a while he'd peek out through a window, or come out in the yard and we'd share a wave over the sound of the leafblower.

I left that job for a career in nonprofits, and Mr. Indrisano faded from my life - like so many of the people I saw on a weekly basis working with my dad. Seeing his name here now has opened up a whole list of people I'm wondering about. Most of our customers were elderly, "way back" when I was a young man twenty years ago. Where are they now?

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