Wednesday, May 8, 2013

17936. Reverend Hugh J. Mulligan

Good lord! What a memorial.

The Reverend Hugh J. Mulligan apparently served his flock well until his death in 1907. And apparently that flock covered an extended territory of the town of Hingham and the twin settlements of Hull and Nantasket. Hull was, and is, the proper name of the community, but Hull also stood for the small village at the end of the peninsula, while Nantasket remains the first mile or so of the southern end of that land mass.

Anyway, Reverend Mulligan's spire - and it is impressive, I must say - is topped with a Celtic cross easily reaching fifteen times the height of all the surrounding stones. I can't imagine the cost, having just gone through the process of gravestone shopping, and I also can't imagine what it was then comparatively. There is a certain hierarchy in death, usually determined along capitalistic lines. But the Reverend was revered, and his flock took care of him in the end. Even if he is forgotten through time, folks finding his stone will know he was somebody worth knowing.

As elsewhere, I find that a holy man is remembered with that quick Latin phrase, "Requiescat in pace." Rest in peace, indeed.

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