Thursday, May 16, 2013

18131. John Prince

It's good to be the progenitor. And it's also good to be in the eastern half of the United States.

Not that there's anything wrong with the western half,. Some of my best friends are westerners. But there's something we have here in the east that the west can't claim so much: deep roots. By reason of proximity to Europe, the eastern half of the North American continent was "settled" - a stupid word, I know; were Native American communities considered "unsettled" just because of their nomadic nature? - first.

So the east has the lion's share of the progenitors, the men who brought their surnames first to the New World. John Prince was one such man, and his descendants, years, decades, centuries later, erected a memorial stone in his honor. And on it he gets a good telling:

"John Prince, Eldest son of Rev. John Prince, B.A., Rector of Little Shefford Berks, England, Came to New England 1633. One of the Original Planters of Hull, First Ruling Elder of its Church, remaining so until his death 'August 16th, 1676, in the 66th year of his age.' His remains with those of his first wife Alice Honor who died 1668 the mother of all his children rest near this spot.Erected A.D. 1900 by their descendants."

It's good to be the first one into the pool.

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