Monday, June 10, 2013

23238. Edward Roebuck


Wait - Roebuck? As in Sears-Roebuck?

Nope, that was Alvah Roebuck, and he lived in Indiana. The Roebucks had already migrated west by the time that our Roebuck, Ed, was born. But what's the connection to Ed Roebuck the relief pitcher with the Brooklyn Dodgers in the middle of the twentieth century? He was born in East Millsboro, which is in southwestern Pennsylvania. Was Ed related to Ed, or is it just a coincidence that they share the same names?

Either way, unless there was some relation to Alvah and he occasionally wired them some money, they missed out on the big Roebuck coup in American history. Who knows? Maybe they at least got a discount when they shopped at Sears. Maybe their descendants still do.

That would be cool.

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