Saturday, June 15, 2013

24244. May Futrelle

I will be a lot of things by the time I'm done. I'll be a father, hopefully a grandfather, an author and a journalist. I'll be a naturalist, probably not a naturist, maybe a futurist. I'll be a walker, a thinker, a follower, a leader, and hopefully I'll inspire someone along the way.

But I'll never be what May Futrelle was: "Titanic Survivor."

Sadly, May's husband Jacques was not a Titanic survivor, and that's not because he was like me: not on the ship. He, one of America's most cunning mystery writers, died standing aside John Jacob Astor, or at least that was where May last saw him as collapsible lifeboat D pulled away. He took with him his most famous character, Professor Augustus S.F. X. Van Dusen, "The Thinking Machine."

The Futrelle's lived in Scituate in a home they called Stepping Stones, designed as if it was a walkway to the beach off First Cliff. Legend states that May cast a wreath on the water every anniversary of the Titanic disaster in memory of Jacques.

So, no, I haven't got the two-word cache of May Futrelle. And, god-willing, I never will.

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