Sunday, August 11, 2013

30947. Enoch and Samuel Harris

Are you kidding me? I finally make it back to the mainland, visiting the cemetery in the heart of Norwell, and the first stories I find are those of brothers "Lost at Sea." Haven't we covered this story already? More than that, Norwell's landlocked.

OK, in fairness to Norwell, there is a backstory to tell. Norwell was once South Scituate, and before that it simply was part of Scituate, meaning that it has coastline cred in its past. More than that, it was a place where ships were built and launched, for almost two centuries.

So there was reason. But why? How? Where? I have yet to track down answers to these questions, but the fact was that these boys sailed during the height of the Age of Sail. They weren't the first, and weren't the last sailors to die at sea. Lost together, or apart? I may never know.

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  1. They are the sons of Abraham and Polly (Sylvester) Harris. The Harris Family still resides in Scituate. Abraham Harris and 3 others had a ship built in 1805 by Samuel Kent. Charles (Chuck) Harris has fishing coming and works off the Scituate town pier every day Feb 12, 2019