Friday, October 4, 2013

36799. Charles Dwelley Merritt

Merritts. If I had a nickel for every Merritt I've met on the South Shore of Boston...

This one, Charles Dwelley Merritt, buried in Rockland, pulled a little bit of Biblical verse, which I'm proud to say was written by my namesake. It's from John 14:3: "I have gone to prepare a place for thee."

What I love about it is that in today's world, we can quickly cross-reference many versions of the Bible at once to find which one this came from. Unfortunately, it's none of them, at least not exactly in those words. The rest of the sentiment generally flows along the lines of "and when it's ready, I'll come for you so we can be together always." Spooky thought. So, if I look up and see my dad standing in front of me, I've pretty much reached the end of my line? Well, my dad was a landscaper, so he's used to getting places ready for all sorts of my upcoming "welcome to being dead" party.

It is funny, though, to see how the same sentiment has been transformed through time and different translations. The New Living Translation has it as "When everything is ready, I will come and get you, so that you will always be with me where I am." Young's Literal Translation reads, "and if I go on and prepare for you a place, again do I come, and will receive you unto myself, that where I am ye also may be."

Anyway you slice it, it's got a nice pioneer feel to it.

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