Sunday, October 6, 2013

36931. John Langdon Elwyn

Miles away from Rockland, Massachusetts, while on a brief visit to coastal New Hampshire, I came across the stone for John Langdon Elwyn.

The name has all sorts of significance. Or should I say the names have all sorts of significance. John Langdon was the first governor of New Hampshire and the land on which John Elwyn now rests was donated to the state by John Elwyn Stone to become the Urban Forestry Center, in 1976. The Center is an interesting mix of demonstration forest, nature trails, composting exhibits and a few historic buildings, a place where one and all can learn about forest management. One of my favorite exhibits is of a powerline with growth underneath it, a demo for successional habitat management.

Anyway, somewhere along the line, John Langdon Elwyn lived the land, and apparently loved it. His epitaph kind of says it all, that he never wanted to leave: "They buried him in the border of his inheritance."

Truthfully, neither did I.

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