Wednesday, October 9, 2013

37063. Captain John Murray

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a novella.

Captain John Murray's friends made sure he was properly remembered for all time by erecting his stone at Riverside Cemetery with an excellent recap of his military exploits in the middle of the 19th century. Here is the full story:

born in the City of New York in 1825.
served in the Mexican War in 1847.
on recommendation of Lieut. Col. Belton 
received a certificate of merit from 
President Fillmore
commissioned Captain of Co. D 5th N.H.
Volunteers, Oct. 12, 1861.
He fell early in the battle of Fredericksburg
Dec. 13, 1862 while leading a gallant band
of the Defenders of the Country.

A kind Father and Husband, a patriotic
Citizen, a brave and faithful Soldier and
Officer. His last words were:
"That flag never was and never shall 
be disgraced!

Captain Murray's certificate of merit was no small honor. Lieutenant Colonel Francis S. Belton had been at it since the War of 1812 and didn't retire until the Civil War had started. He knew a good soldier when he saw one. He's kind of a forgotten military personality of his time. We're left to wonder, as always, what our good Captain would have achieved had he not died when he did.

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